Mr. Roberto Sone

Engineer, Chile.


My experience with the booster tablets was unforgettable. First with incredulity I took to the technical revision center the two cars which I would use for the tests, one diesel and the other an “Otto”. I proceeded to measure the consumption with standard gasoline. Then I filled the tanks again, adding the booster tablets, and took the same measurements. For both cars there was an almost 30% increase in performance and NOx emissions decreased by 80%. This surpassed all my expectations; it is impossible to explain the results with words, they have to be seen.   


I thought that I wouldn’t see anything better than what had already been revealed to me about BIONAS. But now with SuperLube, I have been surprised once again. In order to verify the quality of the additive, I purchased a standard FALEX machine on the market to do lubricant comparisons. A normal lubricant from the market reached a torque of 10 N/m and a better quality and extremely expensive BMW brand lubricant achieved 20 N/m. By adding the SuperLube to the normal lubricant, however, the torque now exceeded the scale which went up to a maximum of 160 N/m. So, I didn’t even manage to see the maximum torque that could be reached with this improved lubricant.