Bionas Bio-SuperLube Additive 125ml (Normal Price = $30.00)

Bionas Bio-SuperLube Additive 125ml (Normal Price = $30.00)

Brand:Bio-SuperLube Additive
Product Code:Bionas Bio-SuperLube Additive 250ml
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EPA ID: 267620004

Application & Quantities

Engine Oil (Small Vehicle) Add 1 bottle (250ml)
Engine Oil (Lorry, Bus and Tractor) Add 1 bottle (1L)
Transmission Oil Box Add half bottle (250ml)
Gear Box or LSD Add half bottle (250ml)
Industrial Use Add 10% from total lubricant oil amount


1. Effective on removing sludge far better than any normal synthetic or mineral engine oil.
2. It offers excellent efficiency more protection than other synthetic leading brands tested.
3. Greater fuel efficiency.
4. Further enhanced in grade throughout the oil-change interval.
5. Reduces friction and therefore lower parts maintenance.
6. Smoother, quieter drive. Proven with decibel meter.​

Operational Tips

1. Add a bottle of Bionas Bio-Superlube Additive into the engine oil box after changing oil. For better performance, some people add about 1/2 of a bottle into transmission oil box.

2. If your you are using an old car, the cleaning process of Bio-Superlube Additive may cause slight shakiness of the vehicle or smoke dissipation form the exhausted pipe. You may need to repeat this cycle (change oil + Bio-Superlube Additive) for 2 or 3 times in order to see the maximum performance.

3. If you are using a new car, Bio-Superlube Additive can also help to improve the braking system. Some users start to see the effect after driving for few hundred miles.

4. Pay attention to the engine sound before and after adding the Bionas Bio-Superlube Additive. It should be noticeably reduced within a short period of time.


1. DO NOT mix Bio-Superlube Additive with Break Oil. It is dangerous!
2. Avoid heat or direct light.
3. Keep out of reach of children.
4. Read label on the package carefully before use.

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