Bionas Bio-Booster Tablet (50 tablets) Normal Price = $190.00

Bionas Bio-Booster Tablet (50 tablets) Normal Price = $190.00

Product Code:Bionas Bio-Booster Tablet 50 tablets
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Application & Quantities

Petrol / Diesel Vehicles 1 Tablet per 40-50 Liter of Fossil Fuel
(40-50 Liter = 10.5-13.2 Gallon)


1. Savings up to 30%.
2. Emission reduction 80% - 95%.
3. Smooth acceleration.
4. Extra engine performance.
5. Environmental friendly.

Operational Tips

If you refill before the fuel tank become completely empty, please drop half of Bionas Bio-Booster Tablet.

Driving Tips

1. Our test data shows that maximum gas saving are achieved during Constant Speed driving around 90-100km/hr. (55miles/hr - 62miles/hr).
2. Average gas saving:

o Local Street: 10-20%
o Highway: 20-30%

3. Speeding can waste gas!!
4. Step on GAS or BREAK smoothly. Sudden acceleration/braking will consume more gas.


1. Store at normal condition below 30°C.
2. Avoid heat or direct sun light.
3. Keep out of reach of children.
4. Read label on the package carefully before use.

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